About Us

Officers & Board Members

Executive Committee
  • Jolene Warnke – President (2022-2023)
  • Amanda Bachmann – President-Elect (2022-2023)
  • Faye Golden – Immediate Past-President (2022-2023)
  • Sonja Thomas – Treasurer (2021-2023)
  • Sarah Kingsley-Richards – Secretary (2021-2023)
Board Members 2023
  • Jamie Kopco – Northeast Region Sr. Representative
  • Mike Helms – Northeast Region Jr. Representative
  • Brett Bultemeier – Southern Region Sr. Representative
  • Daniel Frank – Southern Region Jr. Representative
  • Evan Alderman – North Central Region Sr. Representative
  • Gregory Puckett – North Central Region Jr. Representative
  • Jeff Edwards – Western Region Sr. Representative
  • Kaile Adney – Western Region Jr. Representative
  • Patrick Jones – AAPCO Ex Officio

AAPSE Committes

Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws Committee

This committee reads the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws. Members become experts in what they do (and do not) state. The members take note of any item that is unclear, inconsistent or unworkable. Also, they identify areas where beneficial changes may be warranted.

Auditing Committee

This committee audits the accounting records for the Association. Audits are conducted annually, at the national meeting.

Awards, Fellows, and Honorary Membership Committee

The purpose of the Awards, Fellows, and Honorary Membership Committee is to solicit nominations for AAPSE awards and send its recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Committee on Committees

The main role of this committee is to serve as a liaison between the president and the chairs of all AAPSE committees, both standing and ad hoc, regarding routine business. This communication may be to relay requests for (and reminders regarding) reports, with schedules and deadlines. Contact may also be needed to request other information. For example, each committee is asked to produce (and maintain) a “job description” — a short summary describing its mission and functions. A clear description of the committee roles and responsibilities will serve to remind existing chairs and members of their duties. It will also provide guidance for future committee chairs and members. Coordination and communication should help to ensure that plans are carried out and deadlines are met.

Communications Committee

An Ad Hoc Committee. Formerly known as Social Media Committee.

Issues and Evaluation Committee

This committee is responsible for studying and developing position papers and analyses of pesticide legislative and regulatory issues and policies that affect the professional responsibilities of the Association\’s membership. The AAPSE President-Elect serves as Chair of the I&E Committee. Any AAPSE member may identify to the Chair of the I&E Committee an issue that the member thinks AAPSE ought to address. When doing so, the member should briefly outline pertinent concerns. When an issue is brought to the attention of the Chair, he/she will present it to the AAPSE Executive Committee for their assessment of whether AAPSE should, in fact, address the issue. Upon receiving approval to address the issue, the Chair will summarize the issue, send it out to all membership via the AAPSE ListServ and ask for volunteers to serve on the I&E Committee for that specific issue. For some issues, regional representation, as well as participation by CES, SLA, and private organizations may be desirable. However, the key determining factor will be who is really interested in contributing. In some cases, the Chair will serve as the principal framer of the AAPSE response, but in many cases, another member will be asked to take on the principal role. When a response has been drafted by the Committee, the Chair will submit the response to the AAPSE Board of Directors for their review and approval before finalizing and sending the letter.

Membership/Public Relations Committee

The purpose of the Membership & Public Relations Committee is to support and facilitate promotion of the Association and its members and ways to maintain and increase membership.

Nominations/Elections Committee

This committee seeks and nominates candidates for the offices of President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. At least two candidates will be nominated for each office. No one may be nominated without their consent. A slate of candidates must be presented to the AAPSE Secretary at least 45 days prior to the election. A brief resume/candidate statement for each nominee must be sent to the Secretary at least 30 days prior to each election. The AAPSE President appoints the members of the Nominations and Elections Committee. The N&E committee will have five members: a member from each of the four AAPSE regions (NE, S, NC and W) and a Federal/Tribal representative. The immediate past president will co-chair the committee. Representation should include SLA and EPA (federal) members. Members should include a range of experience in the organization (new and long-term memberships). The N&E Committee is appointed at least six (6) months prior to elections.

Professional Development Committee

The AAPSE Professional Development Committee is designed to provide AAPSE members with useful tools and resources to enhance their professional careers. The committee works closely with the board of directors to identify needs and focus resources to serve AAPSE members.

AAPSE Charters

The AAPSE Charter was signed by members on April 14, 1993 during the New Orleans PACT workshop. This charter is the one we have always shown the membership, but two years earlier members signed a charter developed to establish a national organization of pesticide safety education specialists that would become the AAPSE we know today.

April 17, 1991 – National Association of Pesticide Educators (pdf)

April 14, 1993 – American Association of Pesticide Educators