Due by February 2, 2023

To: All Pesticide State Lead Agencies & Pesticide Safety Education Programs
From: Amy Sullivan, CTAG Executive Secretary
Date: January 17, 2023

The Certification and Training Assessment Group invites your nomination(s) for three-year membership beginning March 2023. Nominations are due by February 2, 2023.

We have both regional and at-large vacancies; therefore we encourage anyone who is interested in serving to submit the nomination materials. Regionally we would benefit from having folks in the NE and SW states in particular.

If you or someone on your staff is interested in serving on CTAG, please complete

  • the CTAG Nomination Form;
  • and provide a signed letter of support (if required) from the appropriate supervisor.

Membership Structure

CTAG is comprised of 13 voting members, for three-year terms:

  • 1 SLA and 1 PSEP from each USDA Region (8)
  • 4 At-Large members: 2 PSEP and 2 SLA (4)
  • 1 Tribal representative (1)

Two co-chairs lead CTAG (1 PSEP and 1 SLA). CTAG voting members select the co-chairs, who 1serve staggered, two-year terms.

CTAG expects members to put in considerable time preparing for meetings. Preparation includes contacting other certification programs within the region you represent, or among other tribal certification programs, for input prior to meetings and developing topics and researching issues as appropriate.

A more thorough explanation may be found in the accompanying CTAG Guidance Document, or by visiting the About page at ctagroup.us website. You may also wish to contact one of the CTAG members directly for more information.

Nominations should be submitted to amysullivan@ctagroup.us

Thank you!

CTAG Solicitation Letter (pdf)
CTAG Nomination Form (doc)